The Autism Parent Education Program (APEP)

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Fiesta Educativa has specifically develop this program with the goal of training parents about the Autism Spectrum Disorder. Even though we are aware of how vast is the information regarding this subject, we have worked really hard to come up with a 16 hour program that covers from the bases of understanding the ASD, to more specific topics such as understanding social, communication and behavioral concerns, available interventions. We also focus on how to maintain an active file on your child to assist in advocacy.

APEP is particularly unique as participants are educated within their own communities. Through this program, parents can foster natural support networks, thus enhancing the communal learning experience. The program has been designed in English and Spanish.

It is important to mention that this particular program is only available through your Regional Center and to be able to attend, one must first request it from your Service Coordinator.  To be able to complete the APEP once approved, we follow a format of four session: One session per day that lasts 4 hours, four Saturdays in a row.

If you would like to have more information please call us or contact us through this website.


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