Dedicated to educating and empowering families of individuals with disabilities to become effective advocates for their loved ones.


Supporting the families of individuals with disabilities, strengthens the bonds that connect us, helping ensure each individual's well-being and success, regardless of ability,


Our commitment to quality service is unwavering, as we consistently strive to exceed expectations, deliver exceptional experiences, and uphold the highest standards.


Our unwavering commitment to support is rooted in understanding, empathy, and proactive assistance, ensuring that every individual receives the help they need to thrive and overcome challenges.

Programs and Services

We Provide a wide range of services read below to find out more

Fiestas Familiares

Free workshops in different communities regarding Special Education. Regional Center services and other available resources for individuals with disabilities.

APEP: Autism Parent Education Program

A 16-hour training (4 sessions 4 hours each) for parents of Individuals with Autism.

CPRC: Community Parent Resource Center

In collaboration with CPAD (Chinese Parent Association for the Disabled). Providing support to Latino and Chinese parents to effectively navigate the Special Education System.

Autism Conference

Autism Conference- A collaboration with the Consulate General of Mexico in Los Angeles to provide relevant and updated information to parents/caregivers of individuals with Autism.

Statewide Annual Conference

A full-day conference for parents/caregivers of people with special needs, persons with special needs, and professionals who provide support to people with special needs

Community educational and research projects

Free community educational and research projects in collaboration with medical and educational entities such as USC, UCLA CHLA, etc.