Fiesta Familiar

18 Jul

A Program that is Designed for your Home & Community

What is Fiesta Familiar?

Fiesta Familiar is an educational program designed
for families of persons with special needs and
developmental disabilities.
This program is unique because the participants
are in their own community and the best part:
Is designed for their own homes.

How does it work?

  • A volunteer family offers to have
    their home host a Fiesta Familiar.
  • Families choose the date and time.
  • Select the subject that want to learn about.
  • Invite other interested families and share
    something to eat.
  • Have the chance to be with other parents, learn
    about their experiences and dialogue about
    subjects related to special education.
  • Plan the next meeting and who will be the new
    host parents.



Fiesta Familiar is the right option for you if are looking for a complete program that takes into account the social, cultural and linguistic characteristics of your family.

These are the three key words of Fiesta Familiar:

  1. Support Fiesta Familiar is a support group that presents on
    a variety of topics, allowing parents to express their
    needs, listen, and learn from other’s experiences.
  2.  Information Know the current topics related to persons with
    disabilities, such as changes in special education
    law, available services for children, IEP, advocacy,
    community participation, and more.
  3.  Training Learn about how to empower your roles as parent
    advocates to achieve benefits and services
    for your children.


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  • Regina Rodriguez December 29, 2018

    My number is (562)467-3089 thank you I re did this I put in the last number wrong on my other message thank you.

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